Finding Yourself Beyond Struggles

26 November 2016

How often is the question? At this moment, I’m not sure. Nonetheless, the point is this, I have found something of value in my own thoughts that I wish to express, whether public or private. Now, what follows is only a suggestion. So let’s get started.

For anyone who is contemplating suicide, I suggest you reset the unnatural desire to kill yourself. I believe the rash impulse to commit suicide can be turned aside. First, a person in distress should ask themselves if they have found themselves. In other words, do you know who you are?

If at any time, your not sure, then stop and ask yourself another question. How many people in the world do you believe truly knows who they are?

Let us look at it in another way. If you are old enough, then there is at least one thing you should already know. Life is tough for everyone, even people who look like they have it together. But here’s the rub, there are more people in the world who don’t have their act together as opposed to those who have their act together.

So if you are thinking about suicide, think about this. There is a high probability that the  same people who you might believe are driving you to think about killing yourself, don’t have their act together.

But what exactly do you mean? Here is what I mean. The people that bully others are the ones who more than likely, don’t have their stuff together. They struggle with maintaining their public image. They struggle with their weight. The struggle with their relationships. They struggle with their appearance.

This is true even if a bully (your bully or bullies) doesn’t show you in the way you need them to, that they are struggling with some issue. So what’s the next question you should ask yourself?

I won’t hold you in suspense, so here it is. What gives your tormentors the right to harass you, bully you, lie on you, and lie to you, but maintain a belief that only they have the right to make mistakes? Let is continue this question. What makes a tormentor believe that only they have the right to recover from mistakes? Here is the simply answer. Nothing.

Absolutely nothing. All human beings regardless of their circumstances either struggles or has struggled. If have reached this point in this blog, then do me a favor; take the time to think about the questions I have posed in this blog. Once you have done that, begin finding yourself by asking yourself honest deep questions.

Don’t ask other people. Ask yourself. Ask yourself before your struggles. Ask yourself during your struggles. Ask yourself beyond your struggles.


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