When times seem tough and feel dark, I believe it is important to find something to laugh about. Laughter is a sound produced by something that has caused the person or people who are laughing, momentary happiness that adds to their joy.

The source that might produce laughing that might become full blown laughter can be anything. Someone slipping, the wind blowing someone’s hat off their head are examples. Another source, a really good source could be a comedian. Find someone who makes you laugh.

The use that laughter to help you focus on the positives that life has to offer. Use whatever source you use to help you temporarily forget your problems as a way to focus on each issue you face -one at a time. When we think about all of our problems, we can easily find ourselves being overwhelmed. Instead, laugh and stay in that moment. When that moment begins to fade, sit down and tackle the least of your problems. I call it the one problem one step at a time solution to conquering depression and the desire to commit suicide.


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